Sunday, 5 May 2013

Safe House - Chris Ewan

I bought this book for my Kindle and read the whole thing in a couple of days. It was a random purchase after reading the blurb on Amazon and I couldn't put it down. Rob Hale is involved in a motorbike accident with a woman called Lena. However, when he is questioned about the accident at the hospital, it appears that Lena does not exist. Rebecca, a private investigator who has been hired by Rob's parents to look into the suicide of his sister, Laura, becomes involved with the mysterious case and suddenly the accident doesn't appear to be as simple as it seems. Rebecca and Rob become tangled in a web of deceit and must race to find out the truth about what happened and see that justice is served.
Suspense is rife throughout the book beginning almost from the first page. The book is divided into different parts and each section shows some development in the case and keeps the reader hooked with the tension. It was this element of the narrative that kept me wanting to read on. The promise to just read to the end of the chapter was always thwarted and another four chapters would follow. While this is not conducive to accomplishing any other tasks, this is what makes Safe House such a compelling read.
The characters are integral to the way the storyline plays out and they have enough background to be relatable and believable. You feel that there are true relationships between them and the reader is drawn in to the main characters lives so that they are willing the case to be resolved. Even the minor characters are memorable and play some part in the either the plot or the way the reader constructs their perspective of the story.
The plot is very clever and clues and links to the end of the case are strewn throughout the book, making it all the more pleasurable when the end is reached and you can remember parts that are relevant. I love books that lay out the resolution from page one, yet don't reveal its importance until the very end. I was slightly confused towards the end at some points while trying to follow the loose ends being tied up. However, it wasn't anything that ruined the rest of the book and it soon became apparent after careful reading.
I am extremely pleased I decided to buy this book and would recommend it to those who enjoy crime novels. If you enjoyed 'Gone Girl' by Gillian Flynn, this is a similar style that may be something you would enjoy. A good holiday read but make sure you take plenty more books and this one will only last you a few days!

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